One of the most powerful parts of B3 is the Be conscious phase.
Often people get frustrated with this stage, “come on, get to the value…”.  However, it is critical!
We often talk about the mental priming and pull that occurs when asking people to reflect on what is important to them, what they already know and what they don’t know about a topic.  But that’s not all!  As part of some current work with a client, we shared this video that talks about the brain chemistry that is activated.
This is from Jeffrey M Schwartz, a leading neuroplasticity researcher at UCLA School of Medicine
  • Watch below from minute – 32:15   
  • When something is relevant and valuable to you it activates a key part of the brain that releases dopamine
  • If you ask people to focus on what is relevant and valuable to them (i.e., their context and challenges) before you share content with them, they take it in the content more deeply and act on it. He would say they will build a habit around the content (even better).